A little R & R

For those of you who have never met me before, I trust that we are about to get very, very familiar. I am Rachel Rossi, an established independent Scots-Italian escort. I also am a lover of sensuality more than smut, believing that all sex starts first and foremost in the mind. Now whilst I could easily splash my website with explicit photos of myself, or write something similar, I prefer the more playful approach. It certainly would not be the first time I have been called a dirty little librarian

Fact check (ooh, pop culture) – I am currently a software engineer by day, although you can imagine me as a librarian if you so wish. I did dream of being just like Betty Page et al, but I probably still hold the record for being the Geekiest Escort instead. Such is life. A little sin hurt no-one, and I see no harm in two very capable adults enjoying the company of each other for a while. Just like you, I quite enjoy an excuse to peel myself out of a suit now and again; my figure may be slightly more hourglass than yours, however. But if you’re still reading, I’ll wager I’m just the kind of woman that piques your attention.

Speaking of hourglasses, there’s two things to note with me – I am an hourglass shaped woman naturally, which means I have big boobs, big hips, big personality a big bum and a small waist. Apparently we are all the rage now. And secondly, I don’t like production lines… So you can be quite assured that when you spend time with me, I don’t have one eye on another hourglass, counting down the minutes. I do hide my face for reasons of discretion, but I have been told many times that I am quite attractive, and even turn heads in day to day life (men aren’t terribly discreet about these kinds of things). GFE isn’t really my kind of term; I am rather passionate and warm naturally, and those who meet me are usually greeted with a genuine smile. My preference is for intense chemistry rather than routine appointments…

Now, back in the day, I always said that I was never the type of woman to boast about my sexual prowess. And I’m still not. I could tell you how delicious that dent in the small of my back looks as my face is burrowed into a pillow; I could tell you that my thighs would look good wrapped around your hips; or I could tell you that my heels look good leaving imprints on a headboard. But, in saying all that, I find it all braggadocio, and you’d rather have the real thing, wouldn’t you?

You see, I favour quality over quantity, enjoying the company of discerning gentlemen who like my style of teasing. I’m sure you’ve thought already about the way my hair falls over my shoulder blades whilst your hands settle into the curves of my waist and my back arches up to meet you, pushing back against your body… And if you haven’t, perhaps you have now. Seduction is a game for me, one that doesn’t start by laying your pieces on the board and showing you. And I quite enjoy seeing how that game reaches it’s conclusion. Somehow, I think you and I may just get along famously.

Since hitting that whole thirties thing, I think it would be fair to state that I certainly know what I like, and I’m not afraid to take it. I am an extremely confident woman, who loves to take control of the situation; if you would like a submissive, demure lady, I’m not the one for you. I plan to enjoy you; so if you take the stance that sex is something you do to a woman, you and I just aren’t compatible. Passion drives me, and chemistry starts outside the sheets – don’t you think? The more energy and heat you turn up beforehand makes those sheets get well and truly crumpled. I deal in fantasies and escapism; sex is sex. But what you really want is to forget about where you really are – don’t you? What you really want is to shut out all the noise and feel my nails in your shoulder blade as my breath is hot and damp in your ear. The real world gets so boring sometimes, and everyone is just in such a rush, or everyone just wants something. I just want to see if you can keep up with me. Am I a tease? I don’t mean to be.

Perhaps we can rendezvouz.

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