catch me if you can

I am generally available Monday – Friday between the hours of 10am – 9pm unless otherwise stated. However, I may answer calls and emails at other times in order to arrange meetings during those scheduled hours. Unless we have met before, I will not meet you outside of these hours, but I appreciate that our time together may overspill…

For incalls, please give me at least one hour’s notice, and two hours’ notice for outcalls. I am not sitting around the house in stockings and heels; I am busy with a variety of things and work on an appointment based system only. I will do outcalls to your home if you are happy to comply with my security checks; however, my preference is still for hotels.

It is not unheard of for some people to schedule their dalliances quite far in advance; I particularly enjoy those kinds of people. If we arrange something quite far ahead of time, please confirm with me on the morning we plan to meet – otherwise I will assume that you will not be coming to see me today, and make other plans.

I have very little time for people who look at the photo section, then go straight to the contact details – if this is you, click here. We won’t get along. You are exchanging a decent sum of money for an individual’s time, and I don’t like to have my time wasted, so it’s better that we all sing off the same hymn sheet. It will always be me who answers my calls, texts and emails; if I do not reply or pick up straight away, it is fine to send me a friendly text.


ONE HOUR: £150 (London* – £180)
1.5HRS: £200 (London* – £250)
2 HOURS: £250 (London* – £280)
3 HOURS: £350 (London* – £380)
4 HOURS: £450 (London* – £480)


ONE HOUR: £150 (not applicable in London)
1.5HRS: £230 (London* – £280 – restrictions over zones apply)
TWO HOURS: £250 (London* – £330 – restrictions over zones apply)
THREE HOURS: £350 (London* – £430 – restrictions over zones apply)
FOUR HOURS: £450 (London* – £530 – restrictions over zones apply)


For everyone’s sake, I request that the paperwork side of things is discreetly taken care of within the first ten minutes of our meeting each other. I understand nerves get in the way, no matter how long you may have been doing this; I get nervous and excited too when I hear that doorbell chime. But I would so much rather we took care of paperwork before we got down to the fun aspect of our business meeting, now wouldn’t you? Contracts are so boring. Let’s sign them quickly and get down to business.

You can book me by calling me on 07738410261 or dropping me an email at It isn’t a requirement, but it would be helpful to me if you could let me know what site led you to my website. Local and more far flung interests are welcome to sign up to my newsletter, which will contain nonsense interesting things and exclusive images. My touring schedule, particularly in 2018, is quite extensive – and with SWitter being such the trend it is these days – your interest may, in turn, just stimulate mine enough to cast my net a little wider… Of course, you would have to tempt me first.

As always, you can follow me on Twitter & Instagram.

* please note that my London rates are higher due to the cost of living/cost of travel in the city. I personally do not offer one hour outcalls whilst in London due to the time spent travelling, but I am happy to visit you, at your hotel, for liaisons over 90 mins provided you are within two zones of where I am based. If we have met before, I may consider travelling to your home – but please be aware that I do not drive whilst I am in London and will be reliant on TfL/taxis.

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