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Seriously though, read this section. I am entertaining (well, I think so) but I write wordy profiles so that you know what you need to know about me. Believe it or not, escorts aren’t in the habit of typing profiles for the sake of their health.

I stand at 5’3β€³ barefoot, with long, naturally dark brown hair and doe-brown eyes. My body is natural; I have an hourglass shaped body with 32E breasts and hips/backside that jut out, and a waist that noticeably cinches in. For reasons of discretion, I do not show my face, but I am told frequently that I am attractive. I am genuinely Scots-Italian (and embarrassingly/ridiculously proud of it), being born and raised in Glasgow. My life has been quite well travelled, having spent a considerable amount of time in the US and living in south London post graduation before returning home to Scotland.

Not only that, but I hold a BSc in Software Engineering; I can talk dirty to you in PerlΒ (that joke has haunted me for years). Currently I am in the process of returning to my second undergraduate degree, in order to pursue a change of career.

If you are so interested, you can find my Vice interview which documents some of my political work – or follow my Vocal page, where I also write (this is monetised per click, in the interests of integrity). My blog here is admittedly rather sparse due to lack of time on my part, but bear with me!

The most important aspects in any meeting, for me, is a genuine sense of connection, the ability to escape with one another and laughter. Whilst our time together may be brief, I do believe that it should be sparkling.


“Your whole body shape, the hourglass… wearing those. It’s crossed one off a bucket list for me.”


I am inked (which I also hide as tattoos can be as recognisable as faces).

I am 100% independent, and always have been. I do not share apartments or arrange duos with other escorts. You are welcome to ask another lady to join us, but I will not arrange this for a variety of reasons. For part of 2018, I will be moving to working between Glasgow and Edinburgh, with otherwise limited days of availability. Advance notice will put you firmly on my friends list – but, on the plus side, I will finally be in and around the city centre of Glasgow…

I am genuinely very attracted to women with a sexual orientation that can be described as ‘eh, whatever, I like you’, which means I am happy to hear from women – and lone female clients are always welcome. I am also very happy to hear from those who identify as trans/non binary/non gender conforming.

I am non smoking, so please respect that I don’t like the smell or taste of it. I am not militant about this and will not lecture someone on a ‘filthy habit’ etc. But I would point out that if you want the most out of your time with me – be considerate.

I am discreet. I have had years of experience, and have no interest in drawing any attention to myself – and therefore to you. By that same token, I expect the same of you – please follow my directions, park where I ask you to park, enter (and leave) the building quietly etc.

Whilst I do not wear heavy make up/make up prone to smearing or drown myself in perfume, please tell me beforehand if perfume will prove an issue for you, and I will not automatically spray it when I get out of the shower before I meet you.


“You’re actually hilarious, you know.” I know. “And one of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen.”

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